Choosing your pillows

Which size?

Drouault offers two different pillow shapes:

  • square pillows available mostly in 60x60cm and 65x65cm formats, ideal for leaning against in bed;
  • rectangular pillows available in 45x70 cm and 50x70cm formats offering optimal comfort and support in all sleeping positions. This shape is recommended for tall people.

It is important to choose a pillow adapted to the size of the pillowcase. Allow yourself to be tempted by Drouault’s collection of bed linen!

Which stuffing?

Drouault offers two options to satisfy the greatest number of needs.

Pillow stuffing

The stuffing is the inner part of the pillow made of natural or synthetic material. The material casing can be filled with down, feathers, microfiber, latex or memory foam. The duvet’s density depends on the stuffing.

The stuffing also determines firmness, maintenance and lifespan, which makes it an essential factor to consider when making your choice.

Down pillow or synthetic pillow?

The Drouault duvet pillows are exceptional, luxurious products that are a popular choice thanks to the tradition and the authenticity associated with the natural stuffing.

Synthetic pillows are filled with hypoallergenic fibers created with the latest technological innovations. They also offer customers an easy-care regime.

These two options offer different sets of properties, so it’s important to study these differences and make an informed choice.

Why choose a down pillow?

Down: tradition and authenticity

Since 1850, DROUAULT has been applying its savoir-faire to creating products of excellence. Every stage of the production process is fully mastered, from the selection of raw materials to the finishing on the casings. This attention to detail and superior level of expertise has helped position Drouault as the haute-couture brand of the sleeping industry.

Traditional and authentic, down is Nature’s solution to keeping us warm and dry (for longer than the synthetic alternative) and has been used in high-end, prestigious bedrooms for generations.

The feathers that accompany the down in the pillow add firmness to the stuffing’s overall feel.

  1. as low as €109.00 as low as €109.00 of which eco-part. 0 €
  2. as low as €164.00 as low as €164.00 of which eco-part. 0 €
  3. as low as €685.00 as low as €685.00 of which eco-part. 0 €
  4. as low as €155.00 as low as €155.00 of which eco-part. 0 €

New duvet / Eco-responsible duvet

The down filling our pillows comes directly from the farms with its properties intact. Down stuffing is a guarantee of superior quality.

In the interest of preserving the environment, products are filled with recycled natural stuffing. After intensive washing, spinning, sterilization at 120°C and meticulous sorting, the material is subjected to anti-mite treatment for people prone to allergies. This refurbished natural material continues to offer you the comfort and thermoregulation qualities characteristic of down stuffing.

Duck down / goose down

The high-end natural pillows offered by Drouault can be filled with duck down and/or goose down. While both are of excellent quality, goose down stores more air than duck down, therein making for a puffier duvet.

Respect for animal welfare

In keeping with our policy on animal welfare, no stuffing used in our pillows comes from live animals. Our duvets and feathers come from duck and geese raised for meat, and we only collect the plumage to make our exceptional stuffing. No animal is hurt in any process linked to plucking.

Why choose a synthetic pillow?  


Drouault’s synthetic pillows are the result of many years of research and development and the latest technological innovations. We offer a wide variety of pillows to satisfy as many needs as possible.


Synthetic pillows are recommended for people prone to allergies.

Easy maintenance

Drouault’s synthetic pillows can be machine-washed and tumble-dried, which means your sleeping environment is healthier and more hygienic.

  1. as low as €109.00 as low as €109.00 of which eco-part. 0 €
  2. as low as €164.00 as low as €164.00 of which eco-part. 0 €
  3. as low as €685.00 as low as €685.00 of which eco-part. 0 €
  4. as low as €155.00 as low as €155.00 of which eco-part. 0 €

Pillow firmness

Choosing a pillow based on your sleeping position

What pillow is recommended for sleeping on your stomach?

People sleeping on their stomachs should opt for soft pillows. The pillow must be as low as possible so that the head remains along the spine’s natural alignment.

Which pillow is recommended for sleeping on your back?

Drouault recommends choosing a medium-firmness pillow for people sleeping on their backs. These pillows guarantee good head and neck support without being too bulky and creating a neck arch.

Which pillow is recommended for sleeping on your side?

Firm pillows are recommended for people sleeping on the side because it’s essential to fill the gap between the head and the mattress to respect the natural alignment of the spine.

Why choose a memory pillow?

What is a memory pillow?

An ergonomic shape-memory pillow adapts to the sleeper's morphology by “memorizing” the pressure points thanks to body heat. It offers personalized comfort by adapting to an individual’s body type and preventing neck pain.

Using an ergonomic pillow

Drouault’s rectangular ergonomic pillow is composed of two waves with a hollow bit in the middle. This special shape adapts to every curve of the neck and the head by balancing the pressure points optimally. It is therefore important to use it properly: place it in the highest curve under the neck so that the head is in the hollow.

What pillow to adopt for specific needs?

Heat sensitivity

Thanks to Climarelle ® fiber, Drouault’s Cocoon pillow adapts to temperature variations in your body and in your room for a balanced, comfortable sleeping experience all night long.

This stuffing allows for temperature variations and better comfort so that you don’t wake up in the middle of the night looking for a cool spot on your pillow. These fibers remove excess heat and facilitate air circulation thanks to micro-channels, which makes for a healthy, airy pillow.

This technology is also available in the Cocoon duvet.


Drouault offers products with different anti-dust mite treatments to provide allergy-prone people with healthier bedding and better sleeping experiences.

PRONEEM® mites

Neem oil has been used for millennia in traditional Indian medicine, Ayurveda. A powerful pest deterrent, Neem oil is scientifically proven in its action against mites. Formulated with vegetable oil of Neem, Proneem ® is composed of 100% natural active ingredients.


Microstop ® mite control

This high-performance anti-dust mite treatment remains effective after frequent washing (30 washes at 60°C). This treatment has been awarded the Oeko -Tex Standard 100 certification. Oeko-Tex is an eco-label awarded to textile and clothing producers who meet specific requirements that respect eco-friendly production and waste management.