Couettes Drouault


Drouault Duvets

Comfort, warmth, lightness and durability are the essential criteria for enjoying good-quality sleep.

Our expertise in French feather production allows us to offer our customers goose down, duck and Eider down duvets. Depending on the kind of heat you’d like, you can choose between:

  • Light natural duvets
  • Temperate natural duvets
  • Warm natural duvets
  • All-season natural duvets

In keeping with our policy concerning animal welfare, no stuffing used in our products comes from live animals. We guarantee that the stuffing comes from white ducks raised in France and/or European geese that are bred for consumption, and that the animals are not plucked alive. No animal suffers in any act linked to plucking.

A wide range of French-made synthetic duvets is also available, specifically for people prone to allergies. Slightly more affordable, the technical nature of these products makes them comfortable, efficient and practical.

  • Light synthetic duvets
  • Temperate synthetic duvets
  • Warm synthetic duvets
  • All-season synthetic duvets

Choosing your products

How to choose a duvet ?