Société Drouault

The Company


Since 1850, Etablissements DROUAULT has been combining craft and industry to become synonymous with excellence in the world of sleep.  

The purity of its products as well as quality finishes make DROUAULT the haute-couture brand of duvets, pillows, Surconfort® mattress toppers and protective bedding.

Couette Drouault


Acting and preserving


Acting in accordance with our values


Drouault places a great deal of emphasis on family and is proud to continue growing and developing within this culture.  


The privileged relationships we have with our partners, customers or suppliers, are built on enduring trust. In the same way, the relationship of trust established between our company and its employees allows steady, profitable development for everyone in the company. Our commitment to limit our impact on the environment is also one of our priorities.


The strong growth in recent years is thanks largely to the versatility of our French industrial tools, listening to our customers and the responsiveness of our teams.


After more than 168 years, Drouault's pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit is still at the core of the company's development. Our traditional savoir-faire is reinforced by major investments in technological innovations. We are constantly progressing by employing more efficient machines, developing new industrial processes and creating innovative products to better respond to our customers – all while limiting our impact on the environment.

Machine à coudre Drouault

Duvet Drouault

Preserving your comfort and well-being


All products are conceived and designed to improve the quality of your sleep and your wellbeing.


Our brand enjoys a certain reputation, which obliges us to offer the quality products and unmatched service that our customers expect from us. All our products are closely monitored to ensure quality sleep.

Customized comfort

We all have unique body types and sleeping habits, which is why we offer a wide range of natural fiber or down products. Find what you need in our catalogue, whether it’s light, warm or temperate duvets, soft or firm pillows, puffy or flat…