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A quality pillow should prevent neck pain. Everyone moves differently during the night, so it’s important to find the right pillow for your individual needs. The spine must be properly supported by a pillow or bolster pillow, and it should distribute the weight of the head evenly despite movement during the night. Neck muscles should be relaxed from bedtime to waking up the next day.

Choose from a wide variety of sizes, quality types and firmness levels, as well as feather and down pillows, synthetic-fiber or memory-foam products.

The PILO VÉGÉTAL range is enriched with vegetable oil for unrivalled flexibility. The foam is not heat-sensitive and known for its safety, so it provides continued support and comfort while you sleep. Choose between:

  • Soft pillows
  • Medium pillows
  • Firm pillows
  • Ergonomic pillows

In keeping with our policy concerning animal welfare, no stuffing used in our products comes from live animals. We guarantee that the stuffing comes from white ducks raised in France and/or European geese that are bred for consumption, and that the animals are not plucked alive. No animal suffers in any act linked to plucking.

Choosing your product

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